shopping is fun... (ii)

Posted by hugo poon (hong kong, Hong Kong) on 5 December 2010 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

"Men's corner"

ZARA, IFC Mall, Hong Kong

I don't really enjoy shopping but I always love going shopping with my family - when they're busy with their shopping, I can walk around leisurely and do some shooting!:-) Hope you enjoy this little fun series too!

I do not regard myself as a photographer. I'm an ordinary man but extraordinarily obsessed with capturing all the memorable scenes that I encounter in my everyday life. It's like an excited traveller craving to record his memorable journey in a memorable way, but in my case, it's the journey of my life ... If I can record my encounters in such a way that they leave an image on the mind of myself and other viewers, it's a tremendous joy and some accomplishment...
In terms of photography, I'm trying to preserve the moments as my eyes see "something" and my heart feels it too. As such, I seldom feel interested in planned, arranged or manipulated photographs...

sunstone_maria from California, United States

wow .. how excited they are :) love the image - always full of humor to me :) fantastic mood and moment captured!

5 Dec 2010 5:16am

Adela Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

Best way ... they get bored a lot, but women buy their clothes. Want them to be beautiful and elegant. Comfortable ... a rest while others work! Good job! Best regards, Adela

5 Dec 2010 7:18am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Great humor! I like the desaturated faces of the bored guys :)

5 Dec 2010 7:37am

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

funny scene, funny series ! superb desatured processing on the two guys , almost like if they are not there ! great you have your camera always with you, unusual moment to make photographies ;-) have a cool sunday my dear Hugo !

5 Dec 2010 7:55am

k@ from Paris, France

Hee hee, you really do a deep study of a deep reality here ;) I smile at each episode - so true & funny. Even at Zara Man, men sleep & women have their hands & eyes busy ;)) Have a superb sunday, Hugo (did you find a new costume ? ;))

5 Dec 2010 9:15am

@k@: New costume? Not really... I'm waiting patiently for a new camera to arrive though.:-)

Punit from Somewhere in, India

Haha... they look so tired and the bag lying next to them speaks of all the shopping stuff that they need to lug around as the ladies continue onto their spree (even in the Zara Man section!) I'm sure many men would be able to related to this serie of yours. Wonderful!

5 Dec 2010 9:25am

PhotOpus from Aix-en-Provence, France

They are really brave ...

5 Dec 2010 9:44am

António Pires from Lisbon, Portugal

Amazing contrast between those who are enjoying and the couple that even lost their colour.
Point of view and angle are perfect.

5 Dec 2010 10:17am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

Excellent ! Nice angle and composition and nice light too

5 Dec 2010 10:35am

Ian Smith from London, United Kingdom

This is already becoming an excellent series Hugo! :-)

5 Dec 2010 1:55pm

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

OMG -- this is just classic! What a cool series Hugo!

5 Dec 2010 1:57pm

Yvon from Orleans, France

nice and funny capture

5 Dec 2010 3:26pm

Stu from Scotland | Living in 京都 Kyoto, Japan

I understand exactly how they feel!! Another great shot hugo!

5 Dec 2010 4:02pm

Stephen Phillips from San Francisco, United States

Iconic. The selective monochrome is perfect to the spirit of the moment. Happy Holidays! (or not) - Cheers!

5 Dec 2010 4:38pm

Sonia Nansid from Barcelona Stockholm, Sweden

Hahaha! Excellent scene...and so true.

5 Dec 2010 4:56pm

alex centrella from California, United States

great indoor shot...

5 Dec 2010 6:00pm

Franz from Baden, Austria

true yesterday, true today - that's how male humans often feel when dragged into a department store! great capture of a typical moment!

5 Dec 2010 6:09pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Shops around the world ought to provide even more chairs for men!

5 Dec 2010 6:19pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

They look the way I feel when going shopping. An excellent study of the differences in the sexes. Look at those ladies having a great time. Love the processing.

5 Dec 2010 6:58pm

NRQ88 from San Juan, Puerto Rico

hahaha! great capture!

5 Dec 2010 11:32pm

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Those poor guys, I can relate... Great capture!

6 Dec 2010 12:54am

k@ from Paris, France

(which camera ? Crave to know what you chose, Hugo !)

6 Dec 2010 8:12am

@k@: Well, I have kept warning myself not to be too caught up in the tools... but when I was told about this new cam several months ago, found it real hard to refrain myself:-)

Ben from Lyon, France

Great point of view.. lol.
I'm still laughing :)

6 Dec 2010 8:18am

k@ from Paris, France

Hooo, just love his classic & elegant body - a jewel. Bravo, i'm sure you'll do wonders (the same, differently ;) with this new gear ! I dreamt last night my Nikon has been stolen - could mean i'd love to buy a new one ;)) Congrats for your choice, seems pro, with a 35mm, you'll tell me (show us, sure) how you feel with it, crave to see (but i'll be as patient as you'll sure be). Thanks for the answer (and much better than a new costume, agreed °-°)

6 Dec 2010 10:30am

Iknow from Chengdu, China


6 Dec 2010 5:52pm

missparis from PARIS, France

Très bien vu !

6 Dec 2010 6:58pm

elena from Turin, Italy

hi hugo, your pictures are usually the mirror of a different town from what I'm used to see here in italy. the streets and the shops, the lights are so inusual...but in this shot I can see something well known... zara! this is a surprise fo a subject so different from the others! interesting people waiting for someone...

6 Dec 2010 11:33pm

Charles Dastodd from Chicago, United States

hehe, this shot made me laugh, hugo. I like the selective desaturation :)

7 Dec 2010 3:13am

GJC from Kyoto (京都), Japan

Brilliant! At least they have a place to sit down. Usually we are left to merely stand on those hard tile floors!

9 Dec 2010 11:45am

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

A wonderful capture once again, with brilliant processing Hugo:)

9 Dec 2010 5:36pm

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Wonderful story told here. Are you being dragged around town for shopping?? Excellent candid capture.

23 Dec 2010 1:17am

Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR
1/12 second
ISO 100
7 mm


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